Charts & Graphs for Bitbucket will allow you to view your contributions on your profile page, as well as other users contributions on their profile page over the course of the last year.

  • To view user contributions, go to the users' profile page and click the Contributions tab.

  • Hovering over each box will show you the number of contributions made in that day

  • Contributions start 1 year before the current day

Who can view my contributions?

  • Only contributions that the user has permission to view are shown on the respective profile page

What counts as a contribution?

  • Any commit made to any repository that has the same email that's linked on your Bitbucket profile.

  • Merge commits do not act as contributions.

How contribution times are calculated

  • Commits are categorized using there time zone information within the commit timestamp.

How the contributions are matched with the user

  • The plugin uses email to match Bitbucket user and commit author. So, there will be no entries if email associated with Bitbucket user doesn't match email of commit author. 
    Bitbucket doesn't show emails of commit authors in UI so it may be required to clone repository and use git commands like git log or git config to show user email.