Macro to include code snippets, files, issues, and more from Github into Confluence


  • Include and render markdown files from Github into Confluence.
  • Include issue lists from Github into Confluence.
  • Include pull request lists from Github into Confluence.
  • Support for both private and public repositories.


Go to the add-on configuration page to add a Github token:

Enter a name for the token, and click Create new Link. You'll be redirected to the intermediate page:

Check address of Atlassian cloud instance and token name. If everything looks correct press Start workflow button. You'll be redirected to the Github authorization page:

Click authorize and you'll be redirected back to the token page. You're now ready to get started with the macro!

Available Macros

  • Github Pull Request List
  • Github Issue List
  • Github Markdown File
  • Github File Content

Here is an example of the Github Pull Request List macro filled out. We used a public repository so you can copy the values if you want to try it out for yourselves.

Using the Macro

To use the macro, select your token from the dropdown, and add the username or organization name for the repository you want to pull information from. 

Pull requests and issues have a query field. You can use Github's Query language to select pull requests or issues you want to display.