This article covers the information needed to migrate app data from the server to the cloud. You must run the Confluence Content Migration Assistant (CCMA) to migrate your pages from the server to the cloud. Then after, the pages are ready for use in your cloud instance.

  • The server/DC version's deprecated macros are not available for use in the cloud. Where these macros are used, they must be changed by either editing the page storage format or recreating the content with a supported macro. This can be done either before or after the cloud migration.

  • On the server, some macros have a different macro key than they do in the cloud. They must be changed by editing the page storage format or recreating the content with a supported macro key. We are currently working on a solution to this problem.

Differences between server and cloud version

This section provides the differences between the app's server/DC and cloud version. These differences include any server parameters that were not implemented in the cloud or functionalities that are only partially implemented or are not available. 

The following table provides the difference between the server and cloud versions:





Link Images

This parameter links the image to the pages or blog posts they are attached to.


Not supported

(Image Slider macro)

Show Bullets

This parameter displays bullets at the bottom of the slider.


Not supported in Image Slider macro
Supported in Content Slider macro

Select Image Locations

This feature pulls the images from the specified page location.


Not supported

(Image Slider macro)

Problem reporting

  • If your pages contain any errors or missing data, you may need to manually recreate the image slider in your cloud instance. If you are still experiencing the same or a different issue, please contact our Support team for assistance.

  • If you experience any unexpected problems or behavioural changes, please contact Help and open a ticket. This assists us in identifying and prioritising fixes and improvements.