This article contains the required information to migrate the app data from server to cloud efficiently. The server/data center(DC) to cloud migration of the macros can be performed without any loss of service on your server or cloud instances. 

  • The deprecated macros in the server/DC version are not available for use in cloud. Where these macros are in use, they must be changed by editing the page storage format or by recreating the content using a supported macro. This can be done before or after migrating to cloud. The macro key names available in the cloud version are as follows:

    • news-slider

    • news-teaser

    • news-ticker

    • news-ticker-list

  • It is recommended that users verify the macro key names in their server/DC instance(s) are the same as in the list. In case of any issues, please contact our Support team for assistance.

Note that you must run the Confluence Content Migration Assistant (CCMA) to migrate your pages from server/DC to cloud. The pages are then ready for use in your cloud instance.

Differences between server/DC and cloud versions

This section specifies the differences between the server/DC and cloud versions of the app including any parameters in server that were not implemented in cloud or functionalities that are partially implemented or are not available. Note that features available in both server/DC and cloud versions are not listed in this article.

  • Some macros have a different macro key on server than they do on cloud. In this case they must be changed by editing the page storage format or by recreating the content using a supported macro key. We currently working on a solution to this issue.

  • A few parameters names have been changed on cloud. The table below lists such parameters and other differences in server and cloud parameters.

Feature/parameter differences between server/DC and cloud versions

The following table lists feature-wise and parameter differences between the server/DC and cloud versions:





Customized styles

Not supported


In general, the cloud macros are placed inside an iframe window. Server macros are not; thus, they can only inherit styles from Confluence (at times causing unintentional style overrides by CSS used in other plugins).


Reverse order


Not applicable

Show Engagement Buttons


Not available

News Image


Available as News Image Label

Show Space


Available as Display Space

Show Author


Available as Display Author

Show Publication Date


Available as Display Publication Date

Show Social Stats


Available as Display Social Stats

Auto Slide Display Time

Available as:

  • Auto Slide

  • Display Time


The functionality of the two server fields are combined in the cloud version.



Available as Button Color

Troubleshooting and help

If you have any problems with the migration, contact the Support team.