Deletes the given Poll.

  • Deletes the poll with the given poll id.

  • The response returns code 200 if the poll deletion was successful else error messages are generated. See Error codes.

The operation uses basic authentication.

Resource URL

DELETE Method on <ConfluenceBaseURL>/rest/polls/1.0/poll/{pollguid}

ConfluenceBaseURL is the URL of your Confluence instance.


The url parameter should be replaced with guid of the poll.

  • pollguid - guid of the poll *

Example request URL

Sample request url for delete


Example response

Sample response after successful execution of request

"result": "ok",
"guid": "f2945cb488a341198bb7ecf173f5db07",
"status": "200"

Error codes


Cause of error

Message displayed


when poll with given poll guid in not found.

Operation failed with error poll not found


User is not permitted to perform a particular operation.

Operation failed with error not allowed.


Invalid user credentials.

Operation failed with error unauthorized.