Snippets for Confluence lets you embed code in Confluence, directly from repositories in Bitbucket or Github Gist. Use in pages or blog posts to share snippets of share-worthy code.

If you're looking for the Snippets for Bitbucket Server documentation, it can be found here.


The Snippets add-on allows you to easily embed code snippets into Confluence pages and blogposts. Paste any snippet URL into the editor and the snippet will automatically be embedded using the Snippet macro. The following snippet providers are currently supported:


Embedding Snippets from Bitbucket

To embed a Snippet from Bitbucket, simply use the “embed code” displayed in the right sidebar of the snippet. And if you only want to embed a single file of the snippet, just add the filename with the file parameter ?file={filename} to the url used in the embed code.

Permissions model

Permissions are always inherited from the snippet itself. If you want to embed a snippet on a public website, you need to make the snippet accessible for external users first. Otherwise only logged-in Bitbucket Server users will be able to view the embedded snippet.