Plugin Overview

The Source Editor for Confluence allows the user to edit Confluence page XHTML using a browser-based editor.

It has a plethora of features:

  • Syntax highlighting

  • Code/tag folding

  • Find/replace with regex support

  • Page preview

  • Markup validation prior to submit

Accessing The Source Editor

To open the source editor, click the </> button conveniently located in the upper-right corner of any editable page. 

You must be logged in and have editing privileges in order to edit Confluence page source.

Editing Confluence Source

The source editor provides direct access to Confluence page source. Confluence pages are stored in an XML-based format called Confluence Storage Format.

Confluence Storage Format is a subset of HTML. It does not support all features of HTML. Please see here for more details.

Code Editing

The source editor is designed to be lightweight but contains a set of features to allow easy and intuitive editing of Confluence source.

  • Automatic indentation and syntax highlighting are available and enabled. 

  • Code folding: Use the markers next to the line numbers to fold XHTML tags.

  • Find/Replace: Easily search for and replace code in the editor. Use the Regex button to allow a regex string input.

Page Preview

Click the Preview button at any time in the source editor to view a preview of the Confluence page as it will be rendered. 

Most macros are not rendered and <script> tags are disabled during page preview.

Source Validation

In order to save any edits made to a Confluence page, the XHTML source must be valid. To confirm the validity of your source, simply click Submit and the editor will perform the verification. If your source is valid, the page will be saved. If your source contains an error, a message will be displayed indicating the nature of the error and the location in the code where it was discovered.