This article contains the required information to migrate the app data from server to cloud. To migrate your pages from server to cloud, you must run the Confluence Content Migration Assistant (CCMA). The pages are then ready for use in your cloud instance.

If there are any errors or missing data on your pages, you may have to manually add the source in your cloud instance. If you are still facing the same or different issue, contact our Support team for assistance.

Differences between server and cloud versions

This section gives an overview of the differences between the server and cloud versions of the app. These differences include any parameters in server that were not implemented in cloud or functionalities that are partially implemented or are not available. Note that features available in both server and cloud versions are not listed in this article.

The following table lists the differences between the server and cloud versions:




Source Editor icon (top-right of the page)

Available when editing a page

Available after a page is published.

This icon is not visible when a page is in edit mode.

Restrict to groups parameter


Not supported

Preview button

Not available