Webhook to Jenkins is an integration tool you can use to trigger Jenkins jobs from your Bitbucket server repositories.

Automatically Trigger Jobs on Commit Push

The most powerful feature Webhook to Jenkins provides is the ability to configure your repository so that a git push to Bitbucket will automatically trigger a Jenkins build. Configuration options allow you to trigger jobs based on branch naming conventions, limit specific pull requests events, and filter out particular committers.

To configure, see Configuration page

Trigger Pull Request Builds Manually from Bitbucket

Sometimes you want to trigger a Pull Request build without pushing any code. Webhook to Jenkins supports this by providing a Trigger Build feature off your Bitbucket Pull Request page.

Trigger Branch Builds Manually

It also offers this feature for individual branches, off the Branches page:

Source page:

And Commit page:

View Jenkins Builds inside Bitbucket with the Builds page

Sometimes you want to share Builds information inside Bitbucket instead having to navigate (or share access) to your Jenkins. You can view your Jenkins jobs and their status directly in Bitbucket:

To configure, see How to Use Bitbucket Builds