Git Plugin 4.11.4+ requires the notifyCommit token when notifying Jenkins of any changes. Generate the token in Jenkins and enter it on the Bitbucket Jenkins Servers configuration page.

Attempting to use Webhook to Jenkins with Git plugin 4.11.4 or higher without adding the notifyCommit token to Bitbucket results in a Git Plugin 4.11.4+ requires access token for Jenkins notification message.

Generate a token

  1. From your Jenkins instance, go to Manage Jenkins → Configure Global Security.

  2. Find the Git plugin notifyCommit access tokens section.

  3. Click Add new access token.

  4. Enter the token name and click Generate.

  5. Jenkins generates the notifyCommit token required in the Bitbucket Jenkins Base dialog.

Provide a token for Bitbucket

  1. Click Jenkins Servers on the Bitbucket configuration window.

  2. If you already have credentials for the Jenkins instance configured, click Edit. If not, click Add new instance.

  3. Enter the Jenkins base URL in the Jenkins Base field and the generated token into the notifyCommit access token (for GIT plugin only) field.

  4. Click Save instance.