This article walks you through the following topics:

Creating snippets

To embed content directly from your repositories, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a snippet in your repository. The following are the repositories supported:

    1. Bitbucket Server (requires add-on Snippets for Bitbucket 3.1.0 or later)

    2. Bitbucket Cloud

      To know more about snippets in Bitbucket, click here.

    3. GitHub Gist: To know more about how to create snippets in the GitHub Gist, click here.

  2. Create a snippet using snippet macro.





Snippet URL


Copy and paste the URL of the snippet you want to embed into confluence.



Specify the name of the file that you want to embed from the snippet. Leave the parameter blank to embed all the files of the snippet.

Snippet macro

Once you have created a snippet in the Bitbucket server, Bitbucket cloud, or GitHub gist, you can now add the snippet to your documentation.

To create a Snippet macro, Perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new page or go to Edit the page where you want to add the snippet.

  2. Type / or click the + icon.

  3. Select Snippet and Click Insert. The Insert 'Snippet' Macro window is displayed.

  4. Enter the following details and click Insert.

    1. Snippet URL

    2. (Optional) File

For more information, see Parameters.