As a Bitbucket app, Webhook to Jenkins for Bitbucket has the same platform requirements as Bitbucket.

Refer to the Supported platforms page for all Bitbucket system requirements.

Additional requirements

In addition to the platform requirements, several additional requirements must be met before you can use Webhook to Jenkins:

  • A Bitbucket account with a repository

  • A Jenkins instance installed and configured

  • Administrator access to both your Bitbucket and Jenkins accounts

  • Bitbucket Source Branch or Git plugin installed in your Jenkins instance. Webhook to Jenkins supports the Bitbucket Branch Source and Git plugins. One of these plugins must be installed, as Webhook to Jenkins uses the endpoint made by these plugins.

The Bitbucket Branch Source and Git plugins can be installed on the same instance. However, Webhook to Jenkins can only be associated with one of them at a time.

Visit the Bitbucket and Jenkins pages for more information about setting up your Bitbucket and Jenkins instances.

Additional information

Although not required for completing your Webhook to Jenkins installation, the Jenkins Hardware Recommendations page provides helpful information for setting up your Jenkins environment.